Items available for check-out

Students may check out books, headphones with microphones, ebooks, and digital audiobooks for the standard check-out period. Students may also check out Chromebooks and Laptops for use here in the library.

Check-out policy

Students, staff, and parents are encouraged to check out books and other materials from the library. Students may check out 5 items at a time for a loan period of 3 weeks.  Students may download two digital books at a time on Overdrive for a loan period of 14 days, and these do not count toward the 5 physical items. Students may also check out 2 items at a time for a loan period of 14 days for ebooks and digital audiobooks from MackinVia.

Overdue item policy

A: Students with overdue books will receive one notice each week the book is overdue for 5 weeks with email notices from our circulation system.  After the 5 weeks and a parent contact, the student will be issued a 30 minute detention to be served in the library after school.  The student will be given one opportunity to reschedule if he doesn’t show or arrives too late to serve the full time.  Any student who misses the rescheduled detention will have the matter turned over to his assistant principal.  Please note that serving the detention does not forgive the cost of the book; it only halts the discipline cycle.  For students who serve the detention, the cost of the book is put on the student’s account on the school’s hold list for the student to take care of at a later time.  All of the above consequences can be dismissed by simply turning in the overdue book at any point in the process.

(If a student has to visit his AP, he will have had the book for at least 2 months, and guess what the AP’s first question will be…”Why don’t you just turn in the book???”)


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