McSpedden Library Book Clubs

Book Club ImageI was awarded a Frisco Education Foundation Grant during the 2011-2012 School year. With that grant money, I was able to purchase several sets of paperback books to use for book clubs.

How do I join Book Club?

Each month, I will introduce the books for that book club on morning announcements. After the announcement, students can come to the library and fill out an interest form to apply to be in book clubs. I will announce  what kind of participants I am looking for (never done book club, a book club alumni, etc.). Also, book club students will be chosen based on the completeness and thoroughness of their interest form.


What do you do in Book Club?

The McSpedden Library Book Clubs take place during lunch. Students that are chosen will bring their sack lunch or cafeteria lunch to the library. I will loan each participant a paperback book that they will be in charge of and have to read over the course of 3 weeks. I will also give each student PostIt notes to write important connections down on. During lunch, we will discuss the book and just have fun with books!

Be on the lookout for the next McSpedden Book Club!


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  1. After my first book club, I really look forward to the next time a 5th Grade book club is hosted! I’ll be sure to be trying out once again.

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