AP Seminar Fall 2016


This fall in AP Capstone- Seminar, our students are beginning their first research task. The students Below is a list of topics that the AP Seminar students are exploring.

Mr. Schaefer

A-day Research Questions

  1. Are consumers or corporations to blame for increasing obesity?
  2. How does coffee effect one’s daily life?
  3. Is ethanol a sustainable resource?
  4. Should use of alcohol be banned in the US?
  5. How has diversity in food impacted Indian society?
  6. How do food deserts impact societies as a whole?
  7. Does being vegan actually improve everyday life?
  8. Should society treat anorexia and obesity differently and, if so, how?
  9. Which diet is the most effective?

B-day Research Questions

  1. How do societies’ standards and expectations ultiamtely effect the development of eating disorders?
  2. How does malnutrition differ between 1st and 3rd world countries?
  3. What can be done to improve the experience of someone with food allergies?
  4. What are the effects of the increasing fast food industry on western culture?
  5. Why have eating disorders become more prevalent?
  6. Should there be increased vegetarianism in the western world?
  7. How can we solve world hunger?
  8. What are the effects of society being increasing focused on weight loss?
  9. How does meat consumption effect society?
  10. Do methods of food sustainability in the US impact society?
  11. IN what way does society’s ideal body image effect people’s eating habits?
  12. How can we improve food insecurity in developing countries?
  13. How does our society’s eating trends influence and relate to our every day life?

Mr. Catrette

1B Theme and tentative question

  1. Fast Food: How has the consumption of fast food affected society?
  2. Processed Meat: What are the implications of eating processed meat, and how should this be addressed?
  3. FDA: Is the FDA keeping the best interests of American citizens in mind as they pass regulations on food for the country?
  4. Veganism: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a vegan diet?
  5. Eating Disorders: What are the key factors of eating disorders that affect our society?

2B Theme and tentative question

  1. Fast Food: How does the mass production of popular fast food restaurants affect local areas/communities?
  2. Cocoa production: Does the production of cocoa in Africa have more world-wide benefits than negative affects?
  3. FDA regulation: Does the FDA compromise human health through its approval of certain products?
  4. Carcinogens & Food: How have carcinogens in food created issues in the world around them?
  5. World Hunger: Are governmental institutions doing enough to combat world hunger?

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