Kindergarten Media Literacy

Media Literacy Cards

This week at the McSpedden Library, I will be helping teach Media Literacy to our Kindergarten students.

I love teaching Media Literacy, so I am excited to take on the challenge of teaching it to our Kinders!

I will be using the below presentation and these Media Literacy Tools Cards with the kids: Graphics Card Picture Cards Sound Cards Video Cards Words Cards.

I am going to talk to them about what each card represents and then we are going to look at some different forms of media to see which tools we can identify in the media. I have little baggies with each tool card in it and a white piece of cardstock for them to put the cards on as we identify the tools.



Kindergarten Media Literacy Presentation

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  1. This is so awesome! You are so awesome! You have inspired me to try to create a digital media literacy lesson. I presented at the LITE UP conference in Dallas yesterday and told my attendees to look up your website for great lessons like this! I also repeated your creed that we should all share as librarians (freely) to collaborate together and not succumb to the Teachers Pay Teachers craze!

  2. this is just what i need.. this is the first year i am teaching media literacy and your lesson is very concise and just right .. plse allow me to use it!

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