2nd Grade Media Literacy

media literacy

This week at the McSpedden Library our 2nd graders will learning about media literacy. They are going to come to the library for a lesson to:

(A)  Recognize different purposes of media (e.g., informational, entertainment)

(B)  describe techniques used to create media messages (e.g., sound, graphics);

(C) Identify various written conventions for using digital media (e.g., email, website, video game).

We will be using this Media Literacy Reading Response Page to record our learning and observations as we look at the Google Presentation below.



One comment on “2nd Grade Media Literacy
  1. Hi Ms Nancy,

    I am attending Media Literacy workshop @ Region 10 right now. We are looking at your website and lessons on the topic. I love them! I’d like your permission to use your lessons with my library classes in my school, Brighter Horizons Academy. Thanks for your hard work and sharing your wonderful library lessons!

    Hamidah Buang
    Elementary Librarian
    Brighter Horizons Academy
    Garland, TX

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