Geronimo Stilton: Secret Agent

Geronimo Stilton: Secret Agent by Geronimo Stilton and illustrations by Cleo Bianca and Christian Aliprandi


Geronimo Stilton’s grandfather gave Geronimo a important document of the Rodent’s Gazzette. But Geronimo accidentally lost the document.But with a little help from Geronimo’s old elementary friend and secret agent friend,Kornelious Von Kickpaw comes to town, Geronimo can be safe. But Geronimo needed to find that document before 9:00 am.Can Geronimo fin the document before 9:00 am or will he lose the Rodent’s Gazzete forever?

My favorite part of the book was when Geronimo found the document but the real document was with his grandfather.He wanted to know how much the rodent’s gazette meant to him and it really did mention something to him.

If you like funny books,you’ll like this book!

This book’s genre is mystery. This book’s story line is funny. This book left me feeling cheerful. On a scale of 1-5, I give this book a 5!

This review was written and submitted by 2nd grader Samantha.


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